Vintage Notes

The relief of adequate winter rainfall after several years of drought was welcomed by growers and vines throughout the North Coast. Our concern this growing season was managing vigorous canopies and drying down the vineyard after some late April rains and a cool spring. This season was a return to normal, if a touch cool to begin with, alternating between modest heat and cool, with a few heat spells, particularly over labor day weekend. The weather remained warm and an extreme windstorm on Sunday night October 8th, coupled with downed power lines, led to fires that ravaged the north coast for weeks. The fires for us were a serious risk and concern, threatening us from every cardinal direction, but we were spared direct impact. Many friends and valley neighbors were less fortunate, losing homes, businesses and vineyards to the fires. Our community has recovered in the years following, ready as ever to offer our hospitality and the products of our remarkable landscape to the world.


2017 Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon Tasting Notes

Dark and muscular in character, aromas of brown sugar and tobacco lead the charge, followed by sweet spice, black fruit, we stones, and cocoa tannins.  Toasty oak frames the fruit, a palate full of anise, black cherry and blackberry flavors.  We suggest enjoying it with decanting and over the next 5 years.