Our Story

Haber Family Vineyards produces small lots of 100% Napa Valley Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon and small lots of barrel aged Chardonnay.

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Having fallen in love with Howell Mountain wines as collectors, Howell Mountain was our first choice for our vineyard location and we were incredibly lucky to find a special site for our estate vineyard. Howell Mountain Cabernets have long been recognized as some of the finest Mountain Cabernets in the Napa Valley. Mountain Cabernets are sought out for their depth of character, richness and maturation that are expressive of the varietal.  We purchased the 5.5 acre site in 2005 and immediately set out to create the best team to develop the vineyard. While our Howell Mountain vineyard was being developed, we decided to search for fruit from another one of Napa Valley's top mountain AVA's. We continue to this day to source fruit from proven vineyards on Diamond Mountain.

With wine from two mountain sources forming the foundation of Haber Family Vineyards, we live our dream every day. We produced our first Diamond Mountain District Cabernet in 2006, released our first Howell Mountain Cabernet in 2009, and our Cabernets continue to sell out year after year through our private mailing list. We started offering our limited, old Wente clone, barrel-aged Chardonnay in 2010.

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Designing Our Bottle and Logo

Our logo is paying homage to Ron's dad founding the family glass and window business in 1944 while reflecting the beauty of the mountains...

For us, the bottle is not just a holder of the wine inside, but also an expression of our background and passion for glass design. We use the ability of the glass itself to add texture and personality by using a screen printed bottle rather than a paper label, incorporating our family's association with glass into the final design. This was especially important to us as our family business is W & W Glass, LLC, a leading, national, 70 year-old glass and glazing company.  The use of glass in high-end architectural projects is a mainstay of our work, close to our hearts, and our label design reflects that.

Our logo ties in our history with glass and the beauty of the mountains that are to the east and west of the valley floor. The view looks through a window of glass onto the beautiful mountains that surround the Napa Valley and poke up through the fog that is known to blanket the valley floor. The night sky, in the clear air high up on the mountain, has a unique shade of blue that we tried to faithfully represent. The night blue forms the background for the amazing light that comes from the voluminous stars as well as the very bright moon. We hope the design gives you the feeling of serenity that we feel when we are here.