Vintage Notes

Modest winter rainfall, particularly after January, mitigated the effects of the fourth drought year in a row. The year was a study in moderation: rolling modest heat and cool waves, with few very warm spells until July, returning to mild in August and September. Mostly a dry growing season, we picked ahead of October rains that came at the end of the second week of the month closing the growing year. While vine growth was controlled by the dry season, we exposed the fruit at the end of September to make the most of the sunshine in the moderate weather. Modest ripening temperatures preserved acidity, color, and tannin structure. As with the last three vintages, the low soil
moisture kept the grape berries extremely small and thick skinned, which gave us wines of intensity and complexity.

2016 Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

The wine greets you with sweet spiced fruit laced with savory herbs, like a perfect fruitcake (not that doorstop regifted since the late 50’s), rich with cinnamon and allspice, brown sugar and candied fruit. The palate is rich with black fruit, cocoa, tarragon and molasses, while the supple texture carries cassis and brown sugar through the long supple finish. While it will improve for years in the cellar, it can be enjoyed in the near term with decanting.