2014 Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage Notes

After a record dry year, a bone dry January led to fears of a repeat, but thirst-quenching rains in February and March gave us about half our normal annual rainfall and enough, just enough, to get through the year. The skies dried out in April, giving us a warm Spring and Summer, with a few warm spells. We had a few welcome light rains in September, at least for Cabernet Sauvignon, that kept the canopy healthy, and warm weather afterword to dry the fruit out. As with 2013, the low soil moisture kept the grape berries extremely small and thick skinned, which gave us wine of intensity and complexity. Early October remained warm and dry, and we picked before the weather turned and the rains came.

The Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon Tasting Notes

Rich, dark, multilayered, this concentrated expression of Diamond Mountain Cabernet is not for the faint of heart. Opulent with ripe fruit, the wine reminds one of berrying in the late summer sun, sweet fruit heady in its intensity. The sweet spice aromas of muscovado dark sugar: clove, allspice and cardamon perfumes the black fruit, and the flavors unfold into black raspberries, cassis and boysenberry. Full throttled, yet supple, the palate is dense with fruit and spice, carried on completely evolved mountain structure.  Each sip is rewarded with another layer of dense fruit, supple texture, and a rich velevety finish. While it will improve for years in the cellar, it can be enjoyed in the near term with decanting.